Friday, 4 November 2011

Back in Blighty - and straight onto Radio 4

So we're back in the land of hope and glory - and we're heading straight into that most British of institutions, BBC Radio 4. Sam and I have been invited onto Excess Baggage at 10am tomorrow, to talk about our experiences in a live chat with John McCarthy. Do tune in, if you happen to be awake.
Excess Baggage
John McCarthy focuses on Panama with Verol Gordon who has moved there with his family and explains the attractions of a new life in a fast developing land. John also meets foreign correspondent Nicholas Wood who has turned his hand to running tours of some of the world's politically sensitive spots. They are joined by playwright Samantha Holcroft and economist Alistair Muriel who recently accompanied him on a trip to North Korea to find out if they could get any closer to this controversial country.