Sunday, 2 October 2011


Quite a few people have had trouble leaving comments on the blog - and since one of those people works in Silicon Valley, clearly the system is not straightforward.

I believe that, as an anti-spam measure, you have to log in to a Google account in order to leave a comment. The idea is to stop anonymous hackers leaving 3,000 adverts for hardcore pornography in the comment stream of our family-friendly blog.

If you don't have a Google account, now's probably a great time to start one - it'll let you do awesome things, like use Gmail, Google Calendar, and leave comments on this blog. Just visit to get started. Google just need a few tiny bits of personal information - like your name, address, shoe size, bank PIN numbers, and the middle name of the first person you ever truly loved. You might as well tell them - Google knows all this stuff about you already, they just ask to be polite.

Then, once you've typed out your comment, select 'Google account' from the drop-down menu below your comment. Enter your Google username and password, and your comment should post just fine.

Of course, if people already have Google accounts and still can't leave comments, then um... wow. Google have totally failed you. Let me know and we'll see if we can find some sort of work-around.

Thanks to everyone who wanted to leave a comment, successfully or otherwise.

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  1. Well I guess that would be me as I USED to work in Silicon Valley and no it is not intuitive. Much prefer WordPress. But thank you!