Tuesday, 4 October 2011

100% Genuine Armani Watch - UPDATE

We've been inundated with literally one request for an update on my 100% genuine Armani watch. I'm happy to confirm that, while our body clocks are all messed up, my watch continues to keep perfect time.
Still ticking
More excitingly still, the watch has received an endorsement by e-mail from an actual jeweller - Sam's brother-in-law, David:
Wanted to say that I 100% think you got a genuine watch there and a great bargain. I will stake all 100 years of my family's jewellery experience on it. Very well done. 
So all of you who questioned its provenance - I hope you feel suitably ashamed of yourselves.

Since David has been kind enough to write in to the blog, we'll return the compliment by shameless plugging his gorgeous shop, Parchment jewellers, in Winchester. David literally crafts every diamond setting individually, so you can create a totally unique piece of jewellery for that (very) special someone. And my goodness is it October already? Christmas is just around the corner. Check out his website and drool over the beautiful shiny things.

I bought Sam some diamond earrings for her birthday, and she says they're literally the only reason we're still together she really likes them. Now she just needs a necklace to go with them. Apparently.

Slideshow Image 1
Love can, in fact, be bought
Thanks for endorsing my watch, David. I'm sure your prospective customers won't hold it against you :-)

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