Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Culture and Cake (but mostly cake)

Hi hi, Sammy here! I've never blogged before so here is my attempt at a post. Mumma, if you're reading, we're still very much alive and very much heavier.

This was amazing
This was amazing
It might not look it, but this was so amazing
we didn't talk for a while
But we haven't just been fatties, we've done a lot of culture, you'd be proud of me. And I only got grumpy with all the walking once. Or twice. And so we stopped for some of this:

It was amazing
 But as regards the culture, The Hermitage is outstanding.

Not the car, the bit in the background
So, so beautiful, vast and stuffed full of incredible art. Matisse, Gaugin, Monet, Van Gogh and a little Gormley for good measure:

 Though the Hermitage staff did not appreciate my enthusiasm.

And after another cake in the cafe, we ticked a massive box on my 'Things To Do in Russia' list. Emily, if you're reading, this one's for you. Recognise this?

Not me, the thing in the background.

My dad's painting of St Isaac's cathedral has sat on our mantelpiece for the past five years and here it is now in a photograph, complete with scaffolding. And traffic signs. 

Lots of love, S xxx

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